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“Deck the Stalls”


                                                       “Rainaway” and “Riddle Star”, can you guess who their grandfather was?


          Dear Caring Friend: 

As 2007 comes to a close and we start our ninth year serving as equine advocates in Tennessee, we just wanted to share a little
of this past year with you. By the time you are finished with this letter you will understand why your continued support is so
critical this Holiday Season

2007 started out no slower then years past. With the help of all our volunteers our West Knoxville Facility always is buzzing of excitement around the barn.  HHT volunteers maintain a twice a day feeding and cleaning schedule. On the second Saturday of
every month we hold our “Neigh & Bray Adoption Day. Volunteers are available to meet with the general public and show them
all the animals looking for a new home. The animals also get a little extra special attention on this day, and the public sure enjoys
giving it to them. We hope all our HHT friends take some time out of their busy schedules to stop by and visit one Saturday.  

2007 has been a hard time for farmers because of the severe drought.  Hay availability was low last year, but this year it is at an
all time low. In anticipation of this we thought we had our winter supply of square bales put up early, and our round bales on
order. Since making our original order though, we find out we will not even be getting half the amount we ordered because of
the sparse cuttings. Then to make matters worse a 20 horse case we became involved in used up half of our square bale
inventory. Because of the drought our pastures did not come in plentiful, and we have been supplementing with hay all summer.
With winter quickly approaching we have been trying to get our hay supply restocked for the winter months ahead, but this
hasn’t been easy. Last year we were paying twice as much for hay and this year it is twice as much again, along with being hard
to find. This will also mean more horse owners not being able to financially care for their horses and I don’t need to tell you what
that means for our organization. 

On June 28, 2007 HHT was called in to assist with a 20 horse case in Sullivan County. Since that time we have been caring for
some real celebrities. The two horses pictured above are the great grandson and grandson of the famous Triple Crown winner “Secretariat”. The grandson of “Affirmed”, the last Triple Crown winner, was also in this group. You can read more about this
case and view before and after pictures on our website. I want to encourage you to read about them and others we have helped
this year. Our website address is www.horsehavenoftn.com.   What a shame it was to see them in such deplorable condition when they first came to us. What a joy it is now to see the life return to these horses that had lost the glitter in their eye and almost the will to
live. As I write this we are awaiting a final judgment from the courts to determine their futures. The owner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and no animal ownership of any kind for 7 years besides the family pets she has in her possession.
This doesn’t seem harsh enough I know, but with the current equine laws on the books we felt this was quite a victory.  

In other cases we have not been as lucky to get a speedy trial and release of the horses from abuse/neglect cases. We are still
caring for five horses from a case in McMinn County since December 1, 2006. This county has allowed the owner to play with
the court system instead of pushing for a speedy resolution. Cumberland county called us in to house four babies from a case in
February and has since left us to fend for ourselves when a plea bargain was reached with the owner, but the ownership of the
animals in question was never resolved when the owner said they were not his. Once again the powers to be have allowed an
owner to play the court system without considering the effects on the animals in question. These babies remain within our care
while we seek avenues to free them from the system.  

It is because of these types of injustice that the Tennessee Equine Protection Bill was written. Won’t you please contact your State Representatives and ask them to please support Senate Bill 1290 and House Bill 1180. Be sure to ask them to support it after
“Section 3” gets removed. Someone along the way added this section we believe to get it thrown out before it would even have a chance. This bill needs to pass if the equine in Tennessee will ever have the protection they so deserve. We can’t do it alone, so
please let your voice be heard. Help us speak for those that can not speak for themselves.

Nina L. Margetson
Executive Director


 We hope you find us a worthy organization to support either with your financial contributions, in kind donations, or just with your prayers. We welcome any and all support we receive to enable us to continue our mission to help the horses in need So our plea
to you this Holiday Season is to join Horse Haven of Tennessee in making a difference in the life of horses in need. Your donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated. We are seeing great strides being made to benefit the equine within our state, and
are proud to know it was Horse Haven of Tennessee that started making these changes a reality. 

But the harsh reality is Horse Haven of Tennessee needs funds to continue fighting for these majestic creatures that have served us
so well over the years. They have carried our troops in battles, transported families across this great country we live in, and
provided for our needs while asking for so little in return.

I know that we are all busy with Christmas shopping and family gatherings this time of year. But I hope that this Holiday Season
you don’t forget our equine friends who bring us so much joy throughout the year. We have enclosed a gift sheet that you might
find of interest for those special people that are hard to buy for. Winter months are the most difficult for horses. Cases of neglect increase, and that is why it is so important to help in whatever way you can. Please say “Neigh” to horse abuse/neglect by
sending your tax-deductible donation today.


Your support is vital because all Horse Haven of Tennessee programs and activities are supported solely through private contributions. HHT is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.



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_____ $25 will pay for a farrier visit to get a horses feet trimmed

_____ $50 will supply the grain a horse needs for one month

_____ $100 will buy 15 bales of hay

_____ Other – no donation is too small to help a horse in need


Please make your checks payable to HHT. And remember HHT doesn’t get financial support from the government, United Way or any national humane organization.     

      (Donations made to the Humane Society of the United States, AHA, SPCA, etc., are not distributed to local organizations and shelters.)

                                          Mail To:    H.H.T.  - P.O. Box 22841  -  Knoxville, TN  37933


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