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Horse Haven of Tennessee was founded in 1999 as a network of individuals that would open their facilities to house horses that the local Humane Societies and law enforcement had no place to put.  Having a place to house horses, at no expense to the local counties, made local officials more willing to take complaints on equines more serious, and make an effort to do something about it.

Over the years HHT realized the need for a facility to house the animals that come into our care in a more public type environment. Fosters are great for emergency and short term housing situations but we have found that until the judicial forces expedite the hearing of cases in their courts long term fostering does not work very well. This would also allow volunteers easy access to help with hands-on rehabilitation and evaluation of both the horse and potential adopter.

1999 - 2006

During the first six years of operation HHT used 47 acres of "free lease" land in South Knox County. Because this property had not been used in many years most of this acreage was overgrown with cedar trees, raspberry bushes and thick brush. Over many years this property was made usable after clearing in stages. Fencing and corrals were set up to best serve the animals we housed.


2006 A New Facility for HHT


2006 - Due to the generosity of a great family we are excited about the opening of a new HHT facility in west Knoxville. 20 acres with three separate pasture areas. Six, heated 12 X 12 stalls. Two outdoor stalls with a 12 X 24 run in shed, and a smaller barn with 4 stalls. To top off the facility there is an evaluation riding arena. Our hope is to be able to hold horsemanship clinics at this site for first time horse owners.

2009 Brings Great Opportunities to HHT

After being told our lease would not be renewed in January we had to once again place our faith in God to see what he had in store for HHT next. What He had in store was more than we could have imagined.
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Chartered as a non-profit corporation in June of 1999, HHT has since earned its full 501(c)(3) status and has become the first and largest equine humane organization in Tennessee.


Things we've learned along the way: 

We have learned that buying thin horses at the local auction houses does nothing but encourage the local trader to find more to bring to the sale. Instead we strive to get enforcement of the current laws regarding horse sales. We also educate the public of the buyer beware policies that need to be taken seriously before buying from an auction.

We have learned that not everyone has the same views as HHT when it comes to equine related issues. We have learned to accept suggestions in the spirit that they are given and disregard those that are not within the realm of our mission. We are always open to suggestions and try to implement those that help with our long range goals.

We have learned HHT can not do it alone. It takes the support of all those within the state that have a warm spot in their hearts for our equine friends. Whether it is through your sweat or your checkbook, we welcome and need your help.


Horse Haven of Tennessee is a non-profit corporation run by a 12 member Board of Directors. We feel it takes more than just one or two people to keep this an ethical organization and keep the focus and main mission as its top priority. Monthly meetings are open to the public and we encourage public input.

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HHT was on the planning committee of the Animal Abuse Task Force in Knoxville. The AATF helps with the placement of animals that are in need of temporary care when their owners leave their homes due to domestic violence.

HHT co-sponsored with the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension, and the Tennessee Horse Council in 2005 to hold the first Equine Cruelty Investigator Training Short Course in Tennessee. Bringing the appropriate training to those who handle abuse and neglect calls of equines within our state is an important first step towards helping our equine friends. This training has been held annually by HHT, and was starting in 2008 at our new facility in West Knoxville.

 286 horses to date (October 2009) have come to HHT for care from counties from all over the state of Tennessee. We continue to strive for better equine protection laws. HHT is working to build a statewide equine rescue network. Bringing awareness and help to equines in need in Tennessee requires people from across the state to come together with their resources and expertise. If you would be interested in helping in these efforts please let us know. Horse Haven of Tennessee wrote the Tennessee Equine Protection Bill - SB1290 & HB1988 and it was presented to the House and Senate in 2008. It was pulled in 2008 and placed on a back burner somewhere.  Please contact your state representative and ask them to bring this bill back to the floor and to   co-sponsor it.

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Staying focused:

 Keeping our sights on our original purpose has not been easy. There have been many obstacles placed in our path, but we have held strong and worked hard to remain ethically and morally focused. We have learned from our mistakes and benefited from our accomplishments.


 We hope you find this site informative.
If you find it in your heart, please support this cause with your financial donation.


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Horse Haven of Tennessee is not a retirement home for unwanted horses. We do not have the proper facility, or funding, to provide this type of service. Responsible horse owners need to understand that owning an equine is a lifetime commitment. Reputable retirement farms require a monthly board fee to be able to provide for the care of an animal in its final days. Maybe some time in the future we can offer this type of service.


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