Exacta Bet in Horse Racing

What is Exacta Bet in Horse Racing?

Exacta horse racing bet is a more straightforward wager as compared to most exotic wagers and it also provides a good platform for beginners to learn about exotic bets. A small stake can have a big win. The payouts are definitely ginormous as compared to a straight bet though harder - but who said gambles are meant to be easy. The rate of risk is always proportional to the reward. To most horse racing fans and bettors, Exacta is one way of making money while still enjoying the races.

Exacta horse racing is a type of wager where a bettor selects the two horses that will finish the race as first and second and they must appear in the EXACT order,thus the name.

How to place bets.

Just like any other bet, to place a bet in Exacta horse racing is no different. The most common and easy steps to bet are as follows:

Step 1: Decide on the amount of your stake. This the most important step. Your stake must be according to the stipulated terms of the betting platform. What is the minimum and maximum amount you can stake? In Exacta horse racing $2 is the "standard" stake. The decision is at your discretion.

Step 2: Select your horse. There are many reasons behind the horse one selects, it could be because of its past history in horse racing that is performance wise, its colour, its number - it could be your lucky number you know, or perhaps it has those cute names. In Exacta horse racing they provide all the information that a bettor requires chargeable at affordable fees.

Step 3: Select your basic wager. In Exacta horse racing, the basic bet is win that is which of the two horses will finish in the first or second position.

Step 4: Select a terminal to place your wager. Once you know the amount to bet,the horses, and the kind of bets, all you need to do is go the ticket office and state the following details:

The cashier will give you a go ahead and print your bet slip.

Step 5: At the end of the race get your bet slip and crosscheck the results to find out if your bet has won or not. Pari-mutuel system is the mode used to calculate payouts in Exacta horse racing.


  1. Exacta Box Betting - here you can select two horses that have the possibility of finishing first or second, and if they do, in that exact order, you win. For instance, placing $2 perfecta box on horses 1, 3 and 7, you'll have covered all possible finish outcomes for those two positions i.e 1-3, 1-7, 3-1, 3-7, 7-1 and 7-3. This means that you'll basically making 6 separate bets, and thus your minimum bet becomes $12.
  2. Exacta Wheel Betting - here, you select one horse to win with the remaining with the remaining horses in runners-up position.li>

    e.g picking horse 1 to win in a 3 horse race, you wager will cover 1-2 and 1-3.

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