Once a wild and free mustang, this mare

roamed the plains of Nevada with her herd. She was captured and adopted

out by the Bureau of Land Management, only to end up with an owner in Tennessee

who breed her twice, and she lost both of these babies.

Abandoned on a mountain side, blind and alone she stood for 8 months. Under the cloak of

darkness, her owner had loaded his other horses and removed them from

the property that he owed back lease on.


Frightened, weak, and scared, HHT volunteers worked for over 2 hours to try and coax her off the mountainside.

With evening quickly approaching, she was laid carefully onto a tarp and slowly dragged down the mountainside.  


Once off the mountain, she calmly stood up and was loaded into the trailer, never having to spend another night alone.

Once safely back at the barn, she spent the night resting on the trailer while she made her own way out when she was ready.


During the five days before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she was loved on and cared for.

Her parasite riddled body fought a brave fight, but it was not to be. Our job was done, and as she looked into the eyes

of a volunteer that had spent many hours removing the burrs from her mane and tail, she was humanely euthanized.

RIP Wonder. You touched many people during your short time with us. You will not be forgotten.