Ultimate Act Of Compassion Fund

The calls come to us almost daily;
"We have an older horse we can't afford its care any longer, will you please take it?"
"Our home is being foreclosed on, and we can't find anyone who wants an older, un-ridable horse. Do you have any suggestions?"
"I have this horse that has gone blind? It is going to hurt itself, or someone. Please help!"
The calls keep coming, more and more on a daily bases as the times grow hard for people.

Humane Options Available

Horse owners who can no longer care for their horses have human options:

  • Sell the horse to a responsible, private owner
  • Free Lease the horse to another horse enthusiast
  • Donate the horse to a program that uses horses
  • Relinquish the horse to a horse rescue or sanctuary
  • Humane euthanasia

Like many other rescues through out the United States we try our best to help when we can, but with these hard times it is impossible to take in every horse we get a call about.  With very low donation of funds we continue to ask ourselves what is going to happen to those horses?  Will they be Neglected? Abandoned? Abused? or just allowed to slowly Starve in their field? Sent off to Slaughter in Canada or Mexico?

We have been thinking long and hard about this, in order to save horses from Neglect, Abandonment, Abuse, Starvation and Slaughter HHT has decided to follow in the footsteps of other Equine Rescues across the U.S. with a Eutha Program. 

From Wikipedia the term Euthanasia (from the Greek eu = good + thanatos = death) refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.

Euthanasia means "good death" peaceful and calm.     

With your donations HHT can assist Equine Owners financially and emotionally with the Ultimate Act of Compassion Program. It takes approx. $250 to provide this service per horse and keep them from starvation and out of the slaughterhouse

Each horse that is accepted into this program will be evaluated by our staff  for its condition of life and adoptability. If the equine has a good quality of life, and we have the room at our facility, we will try and bring it into our adoption program. The Ultimate Act of Compassion Program is offered to responsible owners who have run out of options to humanely care for their equine and have decided to have them humanely put down.

We are currently accepting pledges for our Ultimate Act of Compassion Program. As funding becomes available we will begin to take applications and work with owners in need, providing compassion and support during this time of need. Approved applications will be on a case by case interview.



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5 Horses Helped to Date

With your help we could cover the
cost of Euthanasia
and disposal for horses in need.

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Compassion Euthanasia
NorCal Video
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Not left to die in 95 degree weather.
(this was filmed while awaiting help to load.
No veterinarian in a 30 mile radius
would come out and euthanize onsite
in this county of Tennessee.)