Giving a Voice to the

Magnificent Tennessee Walking Horse

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Each breed that God has given us have their own beautiful traits. Their own style of movement that makes them stand out from any other breed.
Because the State of Tennessee hold's the Tennessee Walking Horse as their State Horse, we hold them very special in our hearts. It is because of this we have posted this page to bring awareness to the cruel practices inflicted on them. We would like to encourage the public that instead of cheering the next time they see a "Big Lick" enter the ring, you will stand up, and turn your back to the show ring to show your disapproval of this type of display that goes against the natural movement of this exquisite animal and their defined gait.

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HPA Violations List

The USDA is the government agency tasked with enforcing the federal Horse Protection Act, (HPA).

8/8/08 List

8/1/07 - 8/8/08


Informative Reading Links of Interest

General Information about the TWH

Detailed description of how soring has been done, and is still done. what to look for etc.

Another article on soring with quotes and references to the Auburn study.

Number crunching. The number of violations reported by DQP and the number reported by USDA at the same and different shows; flat shod vs padded; by sanctioning association.

The TWH trainers association members that have won "trainer of the year" with violations and what the violation was. (Only 5 had never had a violation)

The USDA listing of 2007 scar rule violations with good pictures (long, 81 pages)

The USDA HPA fact sheet.

The USDA HPA training manual. Complete with diagrams, legal definitions etc.

This link goes over all of the soring info and has links to a natural gaited horse at the flat walk, running walk and canter and to a padded horse at the same gaits for comparison plus several good pix of extreme padding and chains and "clean" legs and feet.

HPA presentation that was published as part of the Listen Sessions
Horse Protection Program Listening Session