To Help HHT Purchase Emergency Equipment the "Angel Fund" is started.

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Horse falls in a swimming pool.
Horse rescued from sink hole.
Horse falls down an embankment.

These are just a few of the headlines that have made it into the news lately. Understanding the need for an emergency rescue team, HHT sent two field agents to get trained in emergency rescue techniques under the direction of Tomas & Rebecca Gimenez.


Over the past few years HHT has had situations that would have warranted the use of special equipment that would have made a rescue easier and quicker. Our goal is to be fully equipped to handle large animal rescues by the end of 2009.

We have received funding for an emergency rescue glide and are thrilled to have such an important piece of rescue equipment at our disposal. Three rescues  in the past year that involved Wonder, Angel and Melissa would have benefited had we had this equipment then. Below is a list of equipment we hope to have available to use within the next 12 months. As we raise the money to purchase this equipment we will post updates to our inventory.


Equipment Wish List (items in green have been obtained)

Large Animal First Aid Kit                  Large Steel Carabiners                       Radios/Walkie Talkies
Becker Sling                                        Assorted Hand Tools                         Portable Winch
Vertical Lift                                         HazMat Type Suits                             Leg Splints
Pike Pole                                             Human Body Harness                        Kiemze Leg Splint
Vertical Lift Sling                                Portable Air Tank                               Corral Panels
Nikopolous Needles                           Power Generator                               Captive Bolt
Cordless Reciprocating Saw               Equine Flotation Devise                    Head Protection
Emergency Rescue Rope                    Portable Flood Lights                         Sling Webbing
Spread Bar with Shackles                 
Rescue Glide                                       Leg Cane
Prusik Loops                                       Mud Rescue                                Portable Containment Panels



Hemi laid for 3 days in the mud hole he had dug trying to get up. Covered in mud, and only 4 years old, Hemi was gently placed on our Rescue Glide, Slid into our trailer, and transported to UT for a humane euthanasia. Tonight he is no longer in pain and running free over the Rainbow Bridge.

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