With the high price of hay and feed, people are having a very hard time feeding their horses. The loss of jobs in our state is taking its toll on everyone, even our equine family members. Horse Haven of Tennessee receives calls almost on a daily basis, "I can't afford to care for my horse, what do I do?" As do many other rescues throughout the United States, we try our best to help when we can. Unfortunately, with these hard times it is impossible to take in every horse.


Horse Haven of Tennessee is thrilled to share with you a new program we will be offering to equine owners who have fallen on hard times.  This program is not a hand out, but a hand up. It is designed for equine owners who have fallen temporarily on hard times and who have demonstrated a desire and willingness to resume full responsibility once their situation changes. This is help for responsible owners that have put the best interest of their horses first, owners who have resigned themselves to surrendering their equine to a rescue to insure their continued well being.


Horse Haven of Tennessee feels that these owners deserve the chance to retain ownership instead of giving up these animals that they truly don’t want to lose. To help them accomplish this, we have started the “Helping Hoof Program”. This program will distribute vouchers to owners who qualify for the program’s guidelines to be used for feed and hay. Helping them to feed their animals during this short term setback in their lives will hopefully enable them to keep them with their family, as well as alleviate a bit of the stress felt when money is tight.


For a horse in good body flesh it cost us approximately $125 to feed a month.
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Requirements for Eligibility for the Helping Hoof Program

• Applicant must be a resident of Tennessee

• Applicant's horses must be personal horses; no professionals may apply.

• A maximum of two horses may be fed with this program.

Please call 865-609-4030 for more information.  Job Loss or injury within 90 days of application for assistance

Applicant must provide three references:

1. Employment reference if a job was lost --OR-- Medical reference if it is a medical situation.
    For other unusual financial circumstances, please inform the HHT and we will work with the applicant.
2. Veterinarian reference
3. Feed store or hay provider reference

Program Rules:

• The feed will be provided through a local feed store, pre-approved using a voucher/coupon distributed by HHT

• Applicants must read and sign the recommended guidelines for feeding their horses with this program.

• Successful applicants must provide 8 hours of volunteer work for Horse Haven of Tennessee.

• Recipients may not apply for the program again for 12 months.

Approval or denial of access into the program is at the discretion of Horse Haven of Tennessee.

Horse Haven of Tennessee assumes no responsibility for the health of the horses where feed has been provided
through this program.

To apply for this program, first call the HHT office. Then fill out the application, read and sign the Guidelines for
Feeding, and submit to Horse Haven of Tennessee
P.O. Box 22841
Knoxville, Tennessee 37933

To Fill Out A Online Application Click Here Online Application

The Helping Hoof Program was established to assist those responsible horse owners who have temporary financial setbacks (such as a job loss or medical incident), and are having difficulties feeding their horses. Horse Haven of Tennessee will feed up to two horses for up to 90 days (re-evaluated every 30 days), so that these individuals may consider alternatives for the horses, or get back on their feet financially.


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