2008 Horse Haven Of Tennessee

Officers and Board of Directors

PRESIDENT - Stephanie S.


Stephanie has been a volunteer for HHT for the past twelve months. She has completed the Cruelty Investigator class, and has extensive equine training and some medical training which makes her a big asset when dealing with the equine that come into HHT. She is married to her supportive husband Jeff, and they have two daughters.


Sonja is the mother of one. She has been involved with horses for the past 18 years. She lives on a 25 acre farm where she and board horses. Along with teaching riding lessons she works part time at the local Co Op. In the past she has done adopter checks, fostering, and gone on some investigation ride-a-longs with HHT. She states she is now ready to step up to the plate and help HHT achieve it's goals and help as many horses as possible in the process.



Leila and her husband  reside on a farm in South Knoxville with 4 horses, 2 dogs and 3 cats.  In the early 70's she worked at a large animal hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.  After returning to Oak Ridge, she was active for ten years in the Humane Society of Oak Ridge focusing mainly on fund raising and animal welfare.  She was also a member of the Tennessee Humane Association and other local Animal Welfare Organizations.  Prior to starting  her own business, “Estate Solutions” she worked for Moxley Carmichael, Inc. (a local PR firm) where she was office manager.  She also participated in media brainstorming and all aspects of event planning.



Cheryl is the proud owner of a Quarter Horse named Ted. She has been a HHT volunteer for two years. Cheryl is the barn manager at a boarding stable, caring for 41 horses and loves every minute of it. She has served on the 2006 HHT Board filling both the positions of secretary and treasurer. She also has completed the Cruelty Investigator class. She believes horses are here to be loved, not abused or neglected.


Miriam has been married for 18 years and has two horse crazy daughters. She has been a High School Teacher since 1991. Miriam's family owns two horses and spends a lot of time in the outdoors. Miriam has been a loyal volunteer with HHT and helps out at the monthly Neigh & Bray Adoption Day, and other events.


Bobby J.
Building Committee Chair

Bobby worked for a short time at a local riding stable and currently is the proud owner of a horse adopted through HHT. He has been a loyal volunteer with Horse Haven for over 2 years and gives 110% on everything he does for the horses. He currently works and lives at a local boarding stable.


David M.
Web Master

David has been with HHT from the beginning. He has served as an officer and supports HHT through many different facets; web site management, construction, education, fundraising. He works as a school technology specialist. He is always available to support the Executive Director when needed.



J. H.
Tennessee Walking Horse Committee Chair

J.H. grew up on a farm where they raised Tennessee Walking Horses. This persons passion is the Tennessee Walking Horses and loves everything about them except what some people do to them in the name of training. This person wants to be a part of an organization that promotes educating to current and potential horse owners about the requirements of caring for an equine. Because of the people this person comes in to contact with on a daily bases, we felt it in their best interest not to post a picture.

Carol J.
Grants Writer

Carol has been a great help to Horse Haven of Tennessee by offering her grant writing talents. To date she has helped HHT acquirer grants totaling  $16,000 towards the purchase of a much needed tractor.  She has volunteered not only her grant writing skills to HHT but also her sweat labor when needed during our work day and fundraising trail ride. She has two horses of her own and enjoys the time she has to spend with them


Greg L.

Greg got into horses late in life, after a trip to the Kentucky Horse Park. He's the General Manager of a paging and cellular company headquartered in Knoxville. He's married with kids, cats, dogs and horses- although the horses and kids are all he'll claim. Sometimes the wife, when her ideas aren't TOO harebrained.

Barbara G.

Charaty L.

Like all girls growing up in the country, Charaty loved horses. It took dragging her city born husband to the Kentucky Horse Park to make her dreams come true. She's married to Greg and is office manager for an alcohol and drug treatment program in Morristown and is a professional photographer as well. Charaty and her husband also help horses in need at their
 Ramblin' Rose Ranch Equine Rescue.


 Executive Director - Nina M.
Lead Investigator

Founder of Horse Haven of Tennessee. Worked for many years as a small animal vet tech, but always had the love of horses in her heart. Certified Cruelty Investigator receiving her certification through the Missouri University of Law Enforcement. Married with two daughters and two grand children.


University of Tennessee Large Animal Clinic
Countryside Veterinary Services
Dudley Hurst - Farrier Services
Brad Hearn - Farrier Services

If you would be interested in serving one one of the committees such as the
Building Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Adoption Committee, or Educational Committee
please let us know.




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