Black Jack goes to School

2005 Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair
MTSU Miller Coliseum
Murfreesboro, TN

Craig Cameron, meet Black Jack

Friday 1:15 PM
Craig meets Black Jack for the first time in the Main Arena
Black Jack; 30-36 month Quarter Horse X (halter broke)
Friday 2:15 PM
Craig sits in saddle (just for a moment) first time.
"That's enough for the first lesson"



Saturday 4:15 PM
Craig Reviews (Repetition) the basics in the outside ring.
Shows gentle but firm methods of his training techniques.
Saturday 5:00 PM
Craig rides Black Jack and shows controls with only a halter and lead  line.
A true professional trainer and teacher Craig always stayed until all questions
were answered....and then the story.....



Sunday 4:00 PM
What a better lesson at, "head home time", than a trailer loading lesson.
Craig worked with Black Jack to finish the weekend, and showed how in
less than an hour, a "green" horse ended up loading
 without halter or lead rope.



A word to the wise;  This is just the beginning of Black Jacks training.
Yeah......Black Jack was Adopted at the Fair. (more to come)

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